Bump Belt
Bump Belt
Bump Belt
Bump Belt

Bump Belt

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Change a mother's driving experience, with our bump belt

Features and benefits of the Bump Belt: 

- Provides a comfortable and safe driving experience 

- Prevents the vehicles belt from riding and restricting your baby bump

- Reduces discomfort as the belt sits across the thighs instead of over the stomach 

- Recommended for all expectant mothers 

- Retains security function of your original belt, but also provides comfort and safety for both mother and baby 

- Universal belt (can fit more than 95% of vehicles)

- Easy to install and requires no extra time when unstrapping 

- Can also be used to reduce discomfort for those who have had abdominal or stomach surgery (caesarean sections)

If you are constantly switching cars, we recommend buying more than one to avoid constant removal and installation of the belt

Package includes:

- Bump belt

- Packing/Storage bag

For more information regarding installation, visit our Instagram @nurturingthefuture_